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Find all the sessions, notes, and inspirational stories from this year's Jesus Disciple Rally. 


All are called to be disciples

Jerry Dirmann

Jerry Dirmann walks through the biblical call for every Christian, not just church leaders, to make disciples. This isn't one to miss!

Commissioned, Confronted, & Compelled

Caleb Tyler

Caleb Tyler discusses the historic decline in Christianity across western nations, and gives practical biblical steps to reverse this. This is truly an eye opener. 

Finding joy through obedience

Christy Mireles

Christy Mireles is a business owner who shares the fulfillment she has experienced by allowing the Lord to use her to reach those in her sphere of influence. This will truly touch your heart.


Rei's Story

Hear how Rei saw two unbelieving friends radically transforemed through Jesus Disciple.

Jose & Isabel's Story

Hear Jose and Isabel highlight Jesus Discipleship's growth across multiple cultures and languages.

Dr. James Lin's Story

Hear how Dr. James Lin turned his dental office into a ministry, leading over 700 people to Christ.

Surekha & Chrishani's Story

Hear how Surekha and Chrishani are seeing the Lord move in the UK through Jesus Disciple.

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We’re thankful for your contribution to helping spread the message of Jesus through Jesus Disciple and the impact of reaching lives to make disciples that make disciples.

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