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Casting the Vision

Watch this video to see how our journey of faith and mission to make disciples worldwide is evolving. Learn about the transformative impact and how Jesus Disciple is designed to equip people to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, creating disciples who make disciples globally.


"If He could do it through me, He could do it through anybody...I was a girl who was so scared to do even the tiniest things.  But through His power that He put in me, the Holy Spirit, I was able to do these things for Him."

What is Jesus Disciple?

When Jesus was here on earth He discipled 12 men and taught them how to disciple others... and that’s how the world was changed. Jesus Disciple is a free, online discipleship system that will help you become both a disciple of Jesus and a disciple-maker

Jesus Disciple is also designed to be used by ministry and organization. Learn how you can expand your reach with your own Jesus Disciple network.


How does Jesus Disciple work?

The Jesus Disciple system provides everything you need to start, lead, or participate in one of two types of communities—a discipleship group or a home church. From meeting agendas to discipleship activities and from Bible studies to training, it’s all here... and it’s free.


Ways to Engage

Pray with us

Pray that God will send many laborers into the harvest to start discipleship groups and home churches and provide all the funds needed for development, translation, and to continue providing Jesus Disciple to the world free of charge.

Give to Jesus Disciple

Help us raise 1 million dollars to add the remaining basic features to Jesus Disciple and continue translating it to accelerate the multiplication of disciples, groups, and home churches.

Start a discipleship group

Start a Jesus Disciple group in four simple steps: 1) create a discipleship group, 2) invite others, 3) gather together, and 4) follow the agendas. These four steps will not only help you make disciples, but disciple-makers.

Launch a House Church

Launch a Jesus Disciple house church in four simple steps: 1) create a house church, 2) invite others, 3) gather together, and 4) watch the new church study. These four steps will help you launch a safe and transforming community.

Start Your Own Network

If you are the leader of a ministry or organization, why not start your own Jesus Disciple network? You’ll be able to lead a growing network of disciples by multiplying discipleship groups, leaders, and house churches. You can use your own discipleship teaching and Bible studies, and communicate exclusively with the leaders in your network. Best of all, this web-based system is entirely free. Revolutionize the way you make disciples today!

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