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Our mission is simple: provide a robust Great Commission tool and empower as many believers as possible—free of charge!

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God is using generous people like you—people who understand that Jesus is the only Savior, that over 5 billion people still need to be reached, and that the time to reach them is short.


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Who We Are

Jesus Disciple was developed at The Rock, a Foursquare church in Southern California. Our founders, Jerry and Kimberly Dirmann, have been developing discipleship systems and tools for over 30 years. In 2003, Jerry created the Operation Solid Lives discipleship system, which reached tens of thousands of people in over 100 nations. But in January 2020, Jerry received a fresh commission from Jesus to decentralize ministry and empower everyday believers to reach the harvest.

Soon, and in partnership with The Rock and Solid Lives, Jerry assembled and led a team of experienced disciple-makers to design and develop Jesus Disciple. After three and a half years of prayer, research, designing, and testing, Jesus Disciple was launched on September 15, 2023. Since then, many ministries have created and begun leading their own Jesus Disciple networks, and translation to numerous languages continues.


Since launching Jesus Disciple in 2023, we have seen an impact that has seen over 3,000 disciples join, hundreds of discipleship groups formed and reached over 66 countries.









Alana Griffin

"Jesus Disciple reignited my passion for evangelism and equipped me to share the gospel effectively."

Casting the Vision

Watch this video to see how our journey of faith and mission to make disciples worldwide is evolving. Learn about the transformative impact and how Jesus Disciple is designed to equip people to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, creating disciples who make disciples globally.

Your financial support will help us both to continue development and reach more people globally. Please join us in carrying out the Great Commission. 

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