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What is a House Church?

A house church is a gathering of believers in homes, businesses or just about anywhere who are committed to meet regularly for the purposes of growing spiritually, serving each other and carrying out the Great Commission.


What does it take to start a house church?

Starting a house church is easy! Begin by completing this registration form to get more information and to stay in touch with our team. We will send you a list of resources and tools as you begin this exciting journey.

Once you are ready to launch, simply gather some people together for your new house church! Fill out the registration form to find out more

Still have questions? Contact us.

How can I get started right now?

Check out the FREE Jesus Disciple Studies available on

Why become a Solid Lives House Church?

1. SUPPORT - The leadership of Solid Lives is committed to supporting and equipping you as a leader, praying for you and being available as needs and questions arise

2. COMMUNITY - The global community of Solid Lives house churches meet regularly to encourage one another, share testimonies, and learn what the Lord is doing through Solid Lives house churches across the globe.
[We also offer multiple meeting times to accommodate more time zones, as our network grows!]

3. TEACHING RESOURCES - The right tools make all the difference, and we continue to create resources to help you minister the Word of God, make disciples, and raise up leaders to reproduce other new and thriving house churches.

4. EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS - The Solid Lives Training Center is our online ministry school, and every house church leader (or couple) will receive one free course, valued at $99*, to encourage you to grow in your calling. *Students will still need to pay the annual enrollment fee if they have not already.


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