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Network Leader Resources

These resources are updated as needed. Don't see what you're looking for or have another question? Your Network Advocate is here to serve you! 

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1 – Network Launch Process view PDF
2 – Access to Motor Admin [5 min]
  1. Watch the Getting Started video

  2. Sign the Network Leader Agreement

  3. Bookmark this page and also the admin link:

3 – Setting up Your Network
  • Basic database: navigating Motor Admin

  • Inviting users to your network

  • Finding users in your network

  • Finding and editing information (users, groups, churches)

  • Advanced database: search filters and reporting​

  • Sending Network Announcements​

  • Uploading Weekly Videos

4 – Media Management – coming soon
  • Media overview

  • Media management and uploading

  • Customizing territory Faithbuilders

  • Customizing Bible studies

Additional Resources

Recommended Teachings

  • "All Are Called to Make Disciples" – Jerry Dirmann
    YouTube + Notes

  • "Commissioned, Confronted and Compelled" – Caleb Tyler
    YouTube + Slides


Recommended Reading

  • "Miraculous Movements" by Jerry Trousdale

1 _ Launch Process
2 _ Motor Admin
3 _ Set Up Network
4 _ Media Managment
7 _ Additional Resources
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